Public Private Partnership Company

Imparting Life and Nations to end poverty in Africa

Public Private Partnership Company has been created to foster economic growth and industrial development of different communities and States in Nigeria through Public Private Partnership with Knowledge Centers, Governments, Public and Private Institutions, Multinational and Multilateral Organizations.

Public Private Partnership Company vision is to bring diverse professional skills and resources to advance the course of African development, impacting life and nations to end poverty in Africa.

The Public Private Partnership Company would pursue an intervention that would contribute to enhance the growth and industrial productivity of an agro-based value chain economy while maintaining single minded focus on key drivers that would impact on development, fostering innovation in markets, organizations, products and processes and efficiency.

Public Private Partnership Company would build capacity and leverage resources for impacting life and nations to end poverty in Africa, youth and gender inclusiveness in the economy involving entrepreneurship and skill acquisition while:

  1. Developing climate resilience agriculture and value chain in different communities with already established River Basins Authority e.g Ogun Osun River Basin.
  2. Building Disease Monitoring Networks and Genome Database to promote ‘One Health’ in the different developing communities.
  3. Employing new modes of Partnerships and interventions to source and redistribute capital in Public/Private Partnership Institutions.
  4. Convening Partnerships: Multilateral, Governments, Knowledge Centres and communities in providing solutions to ideas of meaningful development and social impact on the economy in Nigeria.
  5. Harnessing Private Sector Communities and technologies input to improve nutrition and health outcome in agro-based communities in Nigeria.
  6. Creating new means of knowledge insight, analysis and impact of intervention on outcome of projects, design and execution.
  7. Creating Science Enterprises in the communities on water, solar energy, natural products for medicine nutrition and industrial materials.

Public Private Partnership Company will develop a foresight group involving Institutions, Policy makers and research networks that would scan the globe for trends and implications of the results of Public Private Partnership Company intervention projects on the decision making in the future of human development and wellbeing. The foresight group would produce an annual report for all stakeholders in the Public and Private Sectors and collect feedback for planning and refining of projects design and execution as a property of Public Private Partnership Company Board.

PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP COMPANY NIG. LTD, with a Board of Directors chaired by Professor Gabriel B. Ogunmola FAS, He is Chancellor, Lead City University, Ibadan, Past President, Nigerian Academy of Science, an International Scientist, Educator, with Management experience, more than fifty years in Higher Education and Science and Technology Research Management. He held Professorial Teaching and Research Associate and Fellowship positions at University of Ibadan; Princeton University, New Jersey; University of Minneapolis, Minneapolis; California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California; University of Berkeley, California; Stanford University, California; Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute, New York. He was Professor of Biophysical Chemistry and Dean Faculty of Science, University of Ibadan and also held the Dr. Olu Allinson Endowed Chair of applied Chemistry; Science and Technology Consultant with expertise in Genetic Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Science and Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development for Public and Private Organizations seeking to be on the cutting edge of their industry. He was Chairman, ICSU Regional Committee for Africa, Prof. Ogunmola is a mentor of mentors and coach to Science and Technology Leaders and Entrepreneurs of science – based Enterprises.

His expertise and experience spans across private sector development and public sector as well. He has strength in developing and implementation of projects, that allows for alleviation of poverty among the grassroots in communities. He has been involved in national science and technology development policy development and Public Sector Leadership, with focus on Science, Technology and Innovation in Industry and Entrepreneurial Development. He also has skills focusing on educational strategies for Human Centered Capacity Acquisition Development in Africa. He is a writer and Publisher.


Prof. Gabriel B. Ogunmola FAS

8th July, 2020